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   "This is not very good, no bells and even three months, and now who dare to act in vain, if the Terran Emperor really resurrection, it will be a scourge of the genius." God of the valley of a king frown, huge body like a mountain As towering, oppressed people to stop breathing. Behind his life there are dozens of huge wings, the more this level of terror exists, the m重庆时ore want to retain some ethnic characteristics.

"You have exterminated the Nanling barbarians, the Terran Eucharist all the way to win me, I borrow you the emperor by the first看看时时彩人工计划手机版 volume of a view." Prince said indifferent.

His identity is so prominent, as the descendants of the gods, the ancestors are waiting for the guests, very polite.

Prince of the words is very simple, but full of murderous, to the gods valley, only to mention such a proposal.

"To kill Nanling barbarians, where the blood flow into the river, dead bones into the mountain, when the Terran Eucharist will come to desperately.

However, the prince is very heavy to live, went directly to the gods valley, a时时彩精准人工计划nd the ancient princes of their own eyes are also very cold, there is no mood swings.

The prince's men, the ancient followers, nose are empty crooked, and would like to curse out, is that you have to wait in place in the decisive battle, how has cha计划nged?

"The watermelon, there is that ye) eggs, the seat waiting for you for a long time, how can not come?" Curse finished holy valley, the Eucharist began to clamor two ancient emperor son.

Terran many monks are also a little dumbfounded, the body of the body of a mess, really a 'cov重庆时时彩网址是多少?er regardless. "Who met who who step on

Too fucking arrogant, and this is all the ancient people want to curse out of the words, a family only, dare so cursed in the North

"Divine Valley you gang hamm对于重庆er, but also to let the seat to kneel in the valley please die, I invite you a uncle! Purple days are the first to kill me, then your little out of one I trample a And will destroy your whole valley in the future.

Gods valley rage anxious to immediately kill Ye Fan on the day to send a large number of master, but nothing was.

Southern domain, Li Tian, Li Heishui, Ji chime and so all sta;inmni6200rtled, all feel strange, this is not like Ye Fan's style of action.

Everyone was in a daze, no one thought, Terran monarch arrogant to this extent, leaving the two ancient emperor no matter, but also provoked on the gods valley.

Prince prince indifferent unmoved, metropolitan cold, eyes more sultry, and all stopped in their respective areas, quiet and other kill to the other. The valley of the gods, you a group of hammers, really when he is the ancient king of it, but also want to make the world, so Nanling barbarians to worship your head against the wall is still hit on their own as不定 新疆时时彩预测 胆活独胆战法相比看新疆时时彩彩票控s? "

"Yuan ancient you a watermelon, the prince you run a egg run, and so on the foot to crush you, do not flee." Terran holy b看着软件ody swallowed, shocked people surprised a moment surprised a moment.

The prince culling from the city of Kaiyuan City, Terran Eucharist from the Kaiyuan City to the city of God, the ancient archaeel fr你知道计划om the demons of the mountain to kill the city, Terran Eucharist from the city of God to kill the magic mountain.

However, people scared off the想知道inmni6200 chin, the three future road will meet the road, I do not know why always missed.

"You a watermelon, and that the eggs are hurry to roll over to me, stew with you!" Terran Eucharism clamor.

"The Eucharist I will personally split you!" Yuan ancient stand 听说新疆时时彩走势图号码out, made a cold and ruthless response.

North field in an uproar, Terran surprise, the ancient furious. Terran holy body is bold and cursed days, challenge a son of the ancient emperor also fills, even two points, some too much.

In the people have not wake up from the surprise when the gods, the Terran Eucharist called the name of the name of the name of another ancient Emperor's heir play.

"Yuan Gu yo想知道

重庆时时彩最准计划重庆时 重庆计划软件 時綵毒胆计划软件 ;inmni6200重庆时 重庆计划软件 時綵毒胆计划软件 ;inmni6200
昨天新疆时时彩开奖号u a watermelon, but also get out, this time even you a slaughtered!"

Northland is no longer calm, how the identity of the prince, Terran Eucharism is what kind of constitution, which is equivalent to the future of the seed race of a confrontation.

"Prince of the day, you this egg, then I cut you out from the jelly pool, but do not return to the newspaper. Come on, I kill you this white wolf!" Terran Eucharan strong response, just speak a little loss.

"Terran Eucharist, I cut you!" Prince of the child acoustic, in this subtle background 重庆时on display, there is no fear, not afraid of the family emperor Wei.

Many people are surprised, even the ancient groups are also concerned about the Pacific, some people see that the whole body of gold and blood surging, drowned side of heaven and earth.

"At this moment, Terran people stand up and say that.

"Ridiculous, an old man who died for many years only, was deified also fills, even his heir is also pretentious, to the son of God himself. No pro-emperor flat your father's grave, you hate in the heart straight to say why Dirty water, pull the royal family of the Sword bur我不知道重庆计划软件ied? But also, no emperor how the identity of the emperor, how can you care about such an ant insects, but the king is difficult to say.

He stood up, some remarks sparked a big turmoil, many of the ancient people are echoed, deeply agree, it is a lot of people waiting for the purple mountain is still moving.

The status of the prince respect, in the hearts of thousands of people h相比看新疆时时时彩开浆结果ave a very special status, even many of the ancient ancestors of the king of his respect, no other, because his body is flowing immortal gods blood

He has nothing to say, no calculation of what, have died many years, if that who can become immortal, his father immortal emperor only.

"No dead, if the gods, only my father." Prince of the Prince firmly believe that insisted this one.

This is a disrespectful, is his father's humiliation. In many of the ancients, the dove accounted f看看今天新疆时时彩开奖号or the magpie nest, which is lifted without the beginning, blasphemy, is the fact that is for the big sin.

When the world, if that is the most hated no beginning, then the non-days of the prince can not, the ancient emperor belongs to his father, but eventually was occupied without the beginning.

For a time, the monstrous sea, quiet north as if to usher in a stormy.

In these days, he entered and out of the major royal family, a clear interpretation of their own point of view, no early事实上重庆时时采彩开奖号码 years have been sitting for many years, without fear.

In the Mongols, who is most qualified to say that this is not his own, not only because he is the heir of immortal emperor, but also because he is from the ancient emperor.

Suddenly, calm many days of the North was suddenly stirred up a great uproar, the atmosphere suddenly a lot of tension.

Emperor stood out, and is in the north of the city of God out of the city, not privately said to the Mongols million came a very clear signal.

"No beginning can still still in this world, has long been dead for many years!" Finally, a person first stood out, a clear view of their own strength field.

Plus to the purple mountain pilgrimage monks, the north of the situation is a complex enveloped a Yao Yi different atmosphere.

In the next two weeks, the northern domain of a silence, secretly你知道時綵毒胆计划软件 is the ups and downs of all ethnic groups undercurrents surging.

"When the human body is exhausted, it is impossible to push the original clock three months, no demon, how to do it all, which in 新疆彩票时时彩结果the end is how is it?" There are ancient king in fear, I do not know no bell can be self-ming.

When the cool down, the Pacific each department are skeptical, but no one dare to jump out who do ;inmni6200not want to succeed in the case of birds that hit it will be violent death!

"Why, why can the people of the emperor can survive? No beginning and then strong, can not live so long!"

Not only the gods valley is the other ethnic groups are so, although the fear, but also in doubt, not the end of life to do the end of life, even the Emperor of the Emperor can not live ten years.

Now this section of the bone, even if there is no doubt that people dare to act rashly, not afraid of ten thousand afraid of, if there is a human family resurrection, it is重庆计划软件 suicidal.

That ancestral king looked at, as millions of years, eyes like a reincarnation of the po重庆时时彩分析软件wer, talking people flying on the spot, almost a pile of mud.

"Zu Wang, if we sent some people do not divulge their identity, to kill the party, exterminate some Terran Tortoise, so test it?" A Paleo Proposal.

"inmniThis is a conspiracy, I do not believe that the family can survive, no one can live for so long!" Horror of the ancestors whisper so that the gods are up and down horror, need to be the next bit are shivering.

In the valley of the你看时时开奖结果开奖号码 gods, a horrible king in the low roar, so that the whole valley is shaking, the sky will be a shock down.

"Why is this, who can block the years, who can live through the ages, immortal emperors are gone, the Terran no history?

Many of the monks from all directions rushed to the north, step one kowtow close to the Purple Mountain, is the worship of pilgrimage in worship.

In three months, the Terran most excited, from the beginning of tears, to the last blood spray Zhang, blood boiling, want to repro软件duce the future of the glory of the family.

However, all the royal family are disappointed, and no one knows the situation of the Purple Mountain, the fundamental exploration is not a reason to come.

In the past three months, there are Paleozoic to go out, are in contact with the Terran Tate, posture is very low, you want to find out through their situation.

Gods Valley, Wan Long nest, silkworm ridge, blood Mount Hill, all quelled, and many immortal royal family worries, the ancient emperor if out, who can contend with?

No bells and even ring three months, the northern domain of all ethnic birds silent, even the powerful ancestors of the ancient ancestors are Huangran, this is the power of the great man of the emperor. Zhong Bo a ring, Ming moving the world, nine days and ten, whenever the creatures, all invincible!

"And so on, to kill the chicken monkey, to raise the most hypertrophy of a blood to kill, will have the most powerful deterrent." Zhang Lin said very calmly, but there is a terrible murderous in the diffuse The

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